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Introduction: Agreements and Risk Management – A comprehensive insight into how agreements work and how to use them to mitigate risk

Course Outline:

  • Based on AIA B101 2021 – Standard Agreement between Owner and Architect.
  • Identifies the key responsibilities of the Architect.
  • Reviews the responsibilities of the Owner
  • Outlines the Scope of Basic Service
  • Explains the Claims and Disputes Section
  • Overview of different types of Compensation
  • Discussion about Risk and how to mitigate Risk


Are you looking for an online course that will help you develop your architectural agreement and risk management skills? Look no further than our Agreements and Risk Management Online Course! This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills you need to protect your Owner’s interests and comply with applicable laws. You’ll learn about the Owner’s responsibility, claims, and Disputes and how to create effective agreements. Our Agreements and Risk Management Online Course is a must-have for anyone who wants to be a successful architect. So grab a seat, and join us on this amazing journey into the world of architecture agreement and risk management.